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2023 Super Bowl Prop Pool

Super Bowl LVII (57) Prop Pool Questions

Super Bowl Prop Pool
Our Big Game Prop Pool allows you and your crew to match wits on 30 questions about the big game.
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How It Works

Our prop pool is pick em style. You and your friends answer 30 either-or type questions about the super bowl. Like which team will be the first to score. ..or, the last to score. Pool results will be updated during the game, as the action happens. Some questions can only be answerred after the game, like if the MVP is a QB or not and the over/under.

Super Bowl Props

Here are the 30 questions from the 2022 Prop pool:
  1. Coin Toss (Heads or Tails)
  2. First team to score (Cincinnati or Los Angeles)
  3. First score is a TD (Yes or No)
  4. Both teams score in the first quarter (Yes or No)
  5. Last Team to score (Cincinnati or Los Angeles)
  6. More ttl pts scored in 1st half than 2nd half/OT (Yes or No)
  7. At least 1 scoring play of 50+ yards (Yes or No)
  8. Team to have longest TD (First longest if tied) (Cincinnati or Los Angeles)
  9. Safety or 2-pt conversion scored (Yes or No)
  10. TD scored in last two minutes of the first half (Yes or No)
  11. Points scored in the last 2 minutes of the 4th Qtr (Yes or No)
  12. Blocked or faked field goal or punt (Yes or No)
  13. At least 1 missed extra point (Yes or No)
  14. Successful FG of 45 yards or longer (Yes or No)
  15. At least 5 made field goals (Yes or No)
  16. Defensive unit or Special teams scores a TD (Yes or No)
  17. Player rushes for 100 yards or more (Yes or No)
  18. At least 1 onsides kick is attempted (Yes or No)
  19. Cinci's Burrow throws 2 or more TDs Passing (Yes or No)
  20. LA's Stafford throws 3 or more TDs Passing (Yes or No)
  21. Cinci's Mixon runs for 65 or more rushing yards (Yes or No)
  22. LA's Akers runs for 59 or more rushing yard (Yes or No)
  23. Cinci's J. Chase has 81 or more receiving yards (Yes or No)
  24. LA's C. Kupp has 105 or more receiving yards (Yes or No)
  25. Total sacks by both teams is 3 or more (Yes or No)
  26. Cincinnati loses at least 1 turnover (Yes or No)
  27. Los Angeles loses at least 1 turnover (Yes or No)
  28. Los Angeles wins by more than 4.5 points (Yes or No)
  29. Total points by both teams is more than 50.5 (Yes or No)
  30. MVP is a quarterback (Yes or No)
SN: asxljw